and I surrounded myself with information about childbirth, breastfeeding, prenatal yoga, etc. You name it, I wanted to know about it! I always wish that I had a doula at my first birth and now realize how priceless a doulas' presence can be when you are in the midst of such a special, life-changing experience. I believe that birth is natural and what our bodies were uniquely designed to do.


It is very important to me that every woman has the opportunity to have the birth experience that they want, and therefore is my hope to give all of the encouragement and support that a woman needs in order to achieve that. It is such an honor and a privilege to be a doula, and I am so excited to be a part of this journey!


My doula, Sharon Rank, gave me the confidence and support I needed to have the VBAC I wanted! She moved seamlessly through the room interacting with my partner and the hospital staff. I would have a moment and then feel her supportive hands on my back. I remember I one point opening my eyes and realizing I was squeezing her hand (probably way too hard). She was such an incredible irreplaceable addition to our birthing team

- Staci Offutt

We are a team of birth and postpartum doulas, serving the greater Pittsburgh area and neighboring communities. We offer personalized support and education during your pregnancy, birthing time, and beyond.
We have a wide range of services for families of all backgrounds, faiths, and lifestyles.  Not sure you're in our service area? Just ask!

During the COVID-19 crisis know that we are available for virtual support!  
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