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AMY FARR-Birth Doula and Hypnobabies Instructor

Amy became a founding member of Blessed Arrivals in 2006 along with her sister Brenda.  

Amy is married to her husband Jody and they have two children.  Her daughter Maura was born in 2005 and her birth fueled Amy's desire to support other families during their pregnancies and births.  Her son Ryan was born in 2008 and his birth didn't go as planned and it just increased her interest in helping other families.

Her goal is for the birthing person to feel empowered by their birth experience. She feels birthing people need to believe more in their bodies and the process of childbirth, and nothing makes her happier than to be a part of their blessed arrival.

Amy had attended over 200 births as a birth doula.  She's also completed a breastfeeding counselor course through BSC and she's been a certified Hypnobabies instructor since 2012.  

Amy attends births all over Western Pa whether they are at the hospital, home or birth center.  She looks forward to assisting your family.

To learn more about Hypnobabies classes with Amy click here.


I was never really worried about our doula taking my place during labor and birth. The decision to hire a doula was an easy one to make, and although I was sure I could have been enough support alone, having two more hands and a women with expeiernce birthing by my side helped a lot. Amy, our doula was able to give my wife, Emily, even more support, reassurance, compassion, and knowledge than I could have alone. Our doula added to our birth experience and to Emily’s comfort; and that was the most important thing to me- my wife’s comfort and happiness. We will definitely hire a doula again; a doula can never take the place of a dad, but can certainly add to a wife’s comfort.

In November 2008, my daughter was born 6 weeks prematurely and thanks to Amy the process was much easier than it might have otherwise. I became a client of Amy’s through operation special delivery ( and although we only had the opportunity to meet twice prior to my birth, I felt completely comfortable. I would recommend Amy to anyone who is expecting a baby in the Pittsburgh area. She stayed by my side for over 24 hours through the entire labor and delivery process, and made the process very pleasant.

- Michelle, Pittsburgh, PA

- Joe, Verona, PA

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