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Emily, Joe & baby Lily


"I was never really worried about our doula taking my place during labor and birth. The decision to hire a doula was an easy one to make, and although I was sure I could have been enough support alone, having two more hands and a women with expeiernce birthing by my side helped a lot. Amy, our doula was able to give my wife, Emily, even more support, reassurance, compassion, and knowledge than I could have alone. Our doula added to our birth experience and to Emily’s comfort; and that was the most important thing to me- my wife’s comfort and happiness. We will definitely hire a doula again; a doula can never take the place of a dad, but can certainly add to a wife’s comfort.

– Joe, Verona, PA


"In November 2008, my daughter was born 6 weeks prematurely and thanks to Amy the process was much easier than it might have otherwise. I became a client of Amy’s through operation special delivery ( and although we only had the opportunity to meet twice prior to my birth, I felt completely comfortable. I would recommend Amy to anyone who is expecting a baby in the Pittsburgh area. She stayed by my side for over 24 hours through the entire labor and delivery process, and made the process very pleasant."

— Michelle, Pittsburgh, PA

Matilda & Michelle


"I wasn’t sure whether I needed a doula, but once I started labor I was

so grateful for the compassionate presence of another woman. Brenda
was truly there as support. My husband and I determined our own needs
while Brenda gave comfort, suggested alternatives, and served more as a
friend (a very skillful one!) with her personalized care and follow-up.
We were very happy to work with Brenda and will use her again."


–Chauna, Indiana, PA

Chauna, Tony & Winston

"We just wanted to thank you both for helping us!! As her due date approached and as we learned more about the labor and delivery process, we really wanted to try for a drug-free birth. However, because we were so late in making this decision, we could not get in to any Lamaze-type classes. Kenny and I are so grateful that you were willing to meet with us on an individual basis to help us prepare ourselves. We both felt so comfortable with you and as though we could ask more questions than perhaps what we may have felt comfortable asking in a class…Although we did not get to have the birth we envisioned due to some medical issues, we were so glad that Brenda could come and sit with us as we waited our turn in the C-section queue. Brenda really helped to remind us of our breathing and our techniques and reminded us of questions we wanted to ask the medical staff and just really helped to keep us calm. Brenda, you really made a difference in our day!! And… I won’t ruin it for anyone else… but the surprise gift you made us is stunning, and we are so happy to have it. If we are blessed with more children, we will definitely be calling on you to assist us again! Please do keep in touch!"


–Ken and Sara

Ken, Sara, and Meghan

"We consider your presence to be such a blessing; I appreciated all you did to aid me through labor, and Scott appreciated having the freedom to help without having to come up with ideas! I know he felt empowered by your presence, and I was calmed because of it."

–Karen, Indiana, Pa

Scott, Delia, and Karen

"Dear Brenda, Dan and I cannot begin to express our gratitude for you role in the birth of our daughter Emma Grace. Your support from start to finish made such a great difference to us. Looking back on how the day unfolded, we consider ourselves so fortunate to have had you advising and guiding us. It was such a comfort that you were with us from the early moments at our home; though the advanced labor and delivery at Magee. You made Annika feel calm and safe during contractions and your presence was vital in easing the anxiety and pain. When people asked us before Emma’s birth what a doula was, we attempted to explain your function as we understood it. It is now clear to us, that you are far more than a “non-medical support person.” Your calm and understanding of the process and composed demeanor provided a safe haven in the middle of the storm going on all around. We want to thank you again for all of your support and guidance over the past weeks. You have truly made a difference in our lives! We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you again soon; certainly at the birth of our next child!"


With many thanks,


Emma, Annika and Dan

Emma, Annika and Dan

"When we were expecting our second child we were on the fence about whether to hire a doula. Delivering with a midwife we felt that it wasn’t as necessary as our first birth, which was at a hospital with a very traditional OB/GYN. However, as my pregnancy progressed and we faced some unexpected complications, we decided we needed a doula. Becca was recommended to us from another natural-minded mother friend. Before birth she took a lot of care and time to help us with our pregnancy, offering support and advice. Due to unforeseen circumstances we actually didn’t meet Becca until I went in for a natural induction but the friendship we have made since that day has been very precious to us. During birth her support was invaluable–encouragement, advice, a helping hand. Hiring a doula was one of the very best decisions we made. She even gave us pictures and a video of our birth afterward–mementos that we will treasure forever. You can tell from meeting Becca that she’s very grounded and committed and dearly loves what she does."  - Anonymous

"My doula, Sharon Rank, gave me the confidence and support I needed to have the VBAC I wanted! She moved seamlessly through the room interacting with my partner and the hospital staff. I would have a moment and then feel her supportive hands on my back. I remember I one point opening my eyes and realizing I was squeezing her hand (probably way too hard). She was such an incredible irreplaceable addition to our birthing team."     - Staci Offutt

"Jessica was wonderful! She participated in our birth exactly as we had wanted and provided the perfect support for our family. We loved our experience."      -  Ellen


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