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The Blessed Arrivals birth doula package ranges from $750-950 based on experience level and includes:

  • two prenatal appointments (time permitting). The first visit is a no cost, no obligation meeting for us to get acquainted.  The second appointment will be a discussion of your birth vision and how we can help you make it happen.

  • continuous doula support during labor and delivery and for one to two hours following birth.

  • the option to labor together with your doula in your home for part of your labor.  You also have the option to meet at the facility of your choice when the time comes.

  • support while initiating nursing soon after birth.  If you are planning to nurse your baby, your doula will remain with you postpartum until you have had time to begin nursing and are feeling comfortable.

  • one postpartum visit typically within 2-6 weeks after your birth.

  • unlimited telephone and e-mail contact before and after delivery.

  • non-judgmental, unwavering support for all kinds of birth.  From the planned cesarean birth to the all-natural birth, Blessed Arrivals birth doulas give professional, compassionate care.  ​

  • access to our exclusive postpartum planning guide

  • Built in backup doulas in case of the rare but unavoidable circumstance when your primary doula is unavailable.  This is thankfully an extremely rare issue but you can't do this work without adequate backup in place.

  • Planned Cesarean Support: A woman who is having a planned Cesarean Section can still benefit from the support of a doula.  The doula will meet with you once prenatally to discuss any concerns or questions you may have and to assist you in developing a birth vision for you and your partner.  The doula will meet you at the hospital and support you during the pre-operative period.  In some area hospitals, your doula is permitted to remain with you during the surgical procedure.  Your doula will support you following the birth for a minimum of an hour.  She will assist you with breastfeeding if desired and will take pictures for your family.  A doula can be an especially helpful part of your team as you seek feeding positions that are comfortable while healing.

          We offer a 10% discount for families of active duty military personnel.

          For frequently asked questions about birth doula services click here.

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