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Doula Meet Nights

Pittsburgh's all-in-one Birth Service group

Our monthly Doula Meeting Nights are a convenient, easy way to learn about Blessed Arrivals and interact with many of the doulas in the group. We are one of the oldest standing groups in the Pittsburgh area and some of the most experienced in our fields. 

This is a family-friendly event and welcome families of every variety, birthing philosophy, and background. 

Each Doula Meet we provide you with information about our group, all the services we offer, and what doulas can do for you in your pregnancy and birth. We also have ample opportunity for families to ask questions and interact with doulas they connect with one-on-one.

Currently our meet and greet is a virtual event on the Cisco WebEx platform.

Our Meet and Greet is open to all birthing people.  Our doulas attend births at all local hospitals, the birth center and home births.  

Please register to ensure there will be doulas with availability around your estimated due date!
No upcoming events at the moment
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