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Frequently Asked Questions - DOULAS


Can I choose my doula?

Certainly! There are times where the doula you would most like to work with will not be available due to prior commitments, vacations etc but we will always work with you on making sure that you feel like you and your doula are a great fit.

What happens if two clients are in labor at the same time?

We always work with multiple back-up doulas, and you will have an opportunity to meet with them in advance.

Do you do free/reduced fee births?

We are always willing to work with an expectant mom/couple on finding a payment plan that will work for them whether that involves a reduced fee, bartering or a longer payment schedule. Our doulas have all taken professional trainings and continue to add new trainings so they can offer you the best services around. Our fees are competitive with other doulas in the area. We just ask that you value the services and knowledge we have as our doulas put 150% into all they do. This is a great article about how doulas set their fees Even a newly trained doula brings a lot to the birth room and is a professional and will typically do a reduced fee in return for the experience of attending births.

What is our coverage area?

We are able to assist with births at all hospitals in the greater Pittsburgh and outlying areas, from Johnstown to Youngstown and from New Castle to Washington.

Does insurance cover doulas?

Doula services are not usually covered by insurance. Some of our clients have been reimbursed for services through flexible healthcare spending accounts. This allows them to pay with pre-tax dollars. Check with your FHSA provider to see if doula services are covered. At this time we were able to get approval through Square for HSA debit cards. Your HSA account can be used for doula services or Hypnobabies classes. In addition, we encourage all clients to inquire with their insurance about doula coverage. As demand increases, the likelihood that doula services will be covered in the future will increase significantly.

What training does a doula take?

There are several training organizations. The founder's of Blessed Arrivals and the majority of our doulas took their  training through DONA International (Doulas of North America). DONA’s training consists of a 16-hour workshop. Other professional organizations for the training and certification of doulas include Childbirth And Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), Birth Arts International, Child Birth International, ProDoula, and the Association of Labor Assistance and Childbirth Educators (ALACE).

Will a doula interfere with my partner’s role during labor?

The presence of a doula during labor should enhance the partner’s role, not hinder it. For more information, see DONA International’s excellent article titled Dads and Doulas.

How is a doula different from a midwife?

A doula is a non-medical support person. We do not do any clinical tasks such as heart tone checks, blood pressures checks, or vaginal exams. We provide mental, physical, emotional, and informational support to the laboring mother and her support people.

When should I hire a doula?

It is never too early or too late to start thinking about hiring a doula. Most people make the decision around 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, but some know before they are even pregnant that they would like to have a doula at their birth. We have even had moms who are still trying to conceive that have contacted us in anticipation.



Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnobabies Childbirth Classes


How does Hypnobabies work?

In Hypnobabies, you listen to our medical hypno-anesthesia “scripts” in the form of CD tracks and paper scripts. In doing so, you train your inner mind what to accept. Each week, you add a little bit of training and your inner mind creates a new belief system about childbirth. It accepts that the normal birthing sensations that you will have when you give birth--pushing, pulling, stretching, pressure sensations--will indeed be there, but without discomfort attached to them. You train your mind to accept cues and techniques to bring you deeper into relaxation and hypnosis, and when you use them on your birthing day, they are there for you automatically! Your mind is very powerful and is capable of creating the deepest physical relaxation possible as well as a very comfortable birthing experience.

When in my pregnancy should I start Hypnobabies classes?

Anytime before 34 weeks.  If you take it early in the pregnancy, you can benefit from hypnosis for the duration of your pregnancy.  Others take the class later in their pregnancy when they know they have the time to devote to it.


Can I bring my birth partner to class?

Yes! The birth partner will experience hypnosis along with our Hypno-Mom and will get their own CD. They will learn how to support and help our Hypno-moms during pregnancy, the birthing itself, and after the baby comes. They participate fully in each class and with each hypnosis script.

Is a birth partner necessary for me to be successful with Hypnobabies?

Hypnobabies can also be very successfully used by single mothers or those whose partners will not be participating in their birth preparation process. All of our hypno-anesthesia techniques can be easily learned, practiced and used alone, or with a birth partner or doula.


Will I be awake and aware of my baby's birth? 

Absolutely! Being in Hypnobabies’ “Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis” is not like being asleep or detached from the sensations of your baby’s birth. You are awake and aware of everything going on around you, and you experience baby’s every movement. You remain deeply in hypnosis, confident and calm, even while moving and changing positions. Your Hypnobabies hypno-anesthesia allows you to experience all the power of childbirth without the discomfort.


Should I take the class or do the home study course? What are the differences? 

The home study course is great! But taking classes offer the following advantages:    

-  More detailed information on every subject

-  Additional handouts

- “Visualize You Birth Script,” not included in Home Study (+4 more!)

-  Live demostrations of every technique

-  Depth assessment of hypnosis level by instructor

-  Unlimited phone support from instructor

-  Prenatal exercise demonstrations

-  Full, hands-on training for Birth Partner

-  Demonstration of “Back Labor No More” technique

-  Optimal Fetal Positioning demonstrations

-  The Birthing Rehearsal in class six!!!

-  Plus the intangible benefit of the camraderie and friendship created in the class-setting.


How do Hypnobabies and other hypnosis for birth methods differ?

There are some significant differences between the hypnosis for birthing methods.  This link provides a great article regarding the differences.

When Should I Take the Class?




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