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Starting at $225


Services include:


  • Transportation kit sent to you

  • Pickup of the placenta at birth location (within 25 miles of Stephanie)

  • Encapsulation and cord keepsake

  • Capsules are delivered to you in home or at your birthing location within 24-36 hours

  • Tinctures and prints available for an additional charge

What some clients had to say regarding encapsulation:

"We chose Stephanie to encapsulate our placenta with our most recent birth. We were extremely pleased not only with her willingness to travel to us, but with the quickness in her turnaround (completed product returned the night after birth!). 
Taking the placental pills helped my milk come in MUCH quicker and helped me to avoid post partum depression this time around! We have and will continue to recommend Stephanie!"
- Ashley


"Stephanie encapsulated my placenta, preserved the cord, and made placenta prints for us after the birth of our 4th child. I was super impressed with her services and turn around time. She picked up the placenta at the hospital the morning our baby was born and delivered the encapsulated placenta, prints, and cord to our home the next afternoon. Not having previously had the placenta encapsulated for any of our previous children's birth I feel like it is really making a difference in helping speed along my recovery. If we were planning on having any more babies we would definitely use Stephanie's encapsulation services again."
- Ashley and Ron


Contact Stephanie at:


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