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Stephanie is a DONA trained birth doula, postpartum doula, and placenta encapsulater living in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. At home, she is also Tony's wife and Kali's Momma. Kali was born via cesarean birth on November 7, 2011. Her birth experience had both positive and negative aspects, ultimately leading Stephanie to her journey into birth work.

Ever since Stephanie was young she has been known for helping family and friends with child care, interested in pregnancy, infancy, and women's health (both mentally and physically). She has always believed that the journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood are important, life

changing experiences. Stephanie encourages families to be educated about options during pregnancy, labor and their babies care. She supports families in their choices and their ideal birth. Stephanie is also a firm believer in supporting women and families during the 'fourth trimester'. The postpartum period can be very trying for families, adjusting to life with their new bundle(s). 


As a new mom, Stephanie herself suffered from Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Postpartum Anxiety (PPA), so she actively works to help families in any way she can to avoid those issues when possible. That lead her to begin a postpartum work as well. Stephanie serves the south hills of Pittsburgh, Canonsburg, Washington and Wheeling. She offers full support throughout pregnancy, postpartum and early childhood.


Stephanie encapsulated my placenta, preserved the cord, and made placenta prints for us after the birth of our 4th child. I was super impressed with her services and turn around time. She picked up the placenta at the hospital the morning our baby was born and delivered the encapsulated placenta, prints, and cord to our home the next afternoon. Not having previously had the placenta encapsulated for any of our previous children's birth I feel like it is really making a difference in helping speed along my recovery. If we were planning on having any more babies we would definitely use Stephanie's encapsulation services again.

SOOO glad I had Stephanie at my birth. I was a newly single mom, my labors tend to be long and I can get pretty dramatic, so it really mattered to me who was present. I needed support and strength and someone who would stick it out to the very end. Stephanie was fantastic. She followed up with me after the birth, made sure I was ok, I highly reccomend her. She brought a lot of positive to the birth of my daughter. I've heard great things about her post partum services too!

- Chelsea

- Ashley and Ron

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