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So, what’s a doula?  





















The Greek word "doula" refers to a person who personally serves another birthing person.

In modern times, the word has evolved to mean a birth professional who is knowledgable

 in pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care.  A doula provides continuous physical,

emotional, and informational support to a birthing family before, during, and after

childbirth.  A doula is a non-judgemental presence who supports the families wishes

while creating a positive connection with the entire birth team.  A doula serves the birthing person

with kindness and compassion in one of the most vulnerable times of their life.


Labor support doulas are trained and experienced labor support persons who attend
to the comfort needs of laboring women to smooth the labor process. They do not do

clinical tasks such as heart rate checks, or vaginal exams but rather use techniques such

as massage, aromatherapy, positioning suggestions, and verbal encouragement to help

labor progress as comfortably as possible.  Doulas often work to help a client find their own

voice in expressing their wishes to the medical staff.  The doula may assist in communicating

with medical staff to obtain information for the client so that the birthing family can make 

informed decisions regarding medical procedures.


A Blessed Arrivals labor doula joins the laboring person either at their home or in the hospital

or birth center according to the client's preference, and the doula remains for one or two

hours after the birth to assist the family and provide nursing support if needed.


The doula never forgets the important role of the birth partner during childbirth. Our job is not

to diminish his or her contribution but rather enhance it by freeing the partner from the

“coaching” role, which allows the partner to share a fully present, emotional connection with

the birthing parent if desired.


Blessed Arrivals is pleased to also offer postpartum doula services.  Like our birth doulas, our

postpartum doulas are professionally trained to provide compassionate, judgement-free support.  

Postpartum doulas do a vast array of services in the postpartum period to make the delicate

transition to parenthood--or welcoming a new sibling--a smooth passage.  The doula may be

needed for information, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding support, infant care, meal preparation,

or even light housework.  We have postpartum doulas for both daytime and overnight care, ready

to provide the information and comfort that a new family needs.  The postpartum doula can be

the key to a peaceful, relaxed postpartum period for the entire family.

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