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Back Pain During Pregnancy

By Dr Kailee Venzin

Back pain during pregnancy sucks! As your body changes, your muscles and joints change position, so your brain has to figure out a new strategy for movement. Often, the brain likes to rely on using the low back muscles to get the job done, which can cause back pain and spasms. If you’re growing a human and your having back pain, you’re not alone, but there’s so much you can do to fix it. You don’t just have to wait until you deliver!

Change your posture

Sometimes, the way we hold our body when we’re walking or standing can contribute to pain. When you’re upright, make sure your breasts are pointing straight ahead (not up toward the sky!) and keep your ribs stacked above your hips.

Breathe when you lift

Are you pregnant with your second or third and lifting a toddler while you’re growing a human? Well, sometimes this can irritate your back too. So, when you lift your little one, take a breath in before you bend down and exhale as you lift them up. This helps to bring the core on a little more to help your back.

Sleep with a Pillow in between your knees

If you’re a seasoned mom, you probably are doing this already, but it’s always worth mentioning. Your hip muscles are connected into your tailbone, which connects to your back, so keeping the hips in a neutral position can take strain off the back.

Still having back pain after trying these? Dr. Kailee and her team at Resilient Motherhood are here to help. Head to to book your free virtual consult. You deserve to feel your best while growing a human!

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