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Blessed Arrivals Inclusivity Statement

I grew up in an area of the country that was very rural and was greatly lacking in diversity and it still does greatly lack diversity. I believe I was a junior in high school before our school district had a student of color in our high school and he was only there about six months.

I grew up with parents who raised us to believe that we are all equal. My parents grew up during the civil rights movement era and my mom had told me many stories about how those times impacted her. She’s talked about the tensions that our country experienced. Her parents never really discussed race with her or with her siblings but my mother has a lot of memories of that time that she remembers with strong emotions. A few years ago she was talking with my grandma about it and my grandma was surprised by how strongly my mom felt about the issues at that time.

I’ve always considered myself to be anti-racist and inclusive of all regardless of their skin color, sexual orientation, religion etc but I feel that it’s now time to make a public statement in case there is anyone who isn’t sure about how I approach life both as a person and as a doula. So here are my thoughts and beliefs on this subject (and as a doula group I hold anyone working with us to these standards).

I believe that Black Lives Matter

I believe that No Human is Illegal

I believe that every person deserves respect and the right to informed consent/refusal regarding decisions about their body.

I believe that every client we serve deserves our professional, non-judgmental and individualized support including but not limited to those who identify as LGBTQ+, those who are gender non-binary, those of other faiths and those of other cultures

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