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Postpartum Doula Services and Other Postpartum Offerings


Many families with new babies find themselves overwhelmed when the reality of life with a newborn hits.  In most cultures the "village" comes together to support new moms.  Here, many families are separated by many miles and sometimes even states.  Even with the most supportive family, you might need a little more care.  A postpartum doula could be just what your family needs.


A postpartum doula can take on a lot of different roles to assist you.  The postpartum doula can help you feel more comfortable with baby care or feeding by guiding you and answering questions or addressing concerns you have.


They can do light housekeeping chores such as prepping meals, washing dishes, running errands, or vacuuming.


They can help with sibling care.  A new baby is a big change for older siblings.  The postpartum doula can help with the transition by prepping meals or snacks, organizing activities, or caring for the newborn while you have some quiet time with your older children.  The transition is easier for older siblings, if they can have your undivided attention for even a short period of time.  Seemingly small things like putting them down for their naps, giving a bath or story time at bedtime, or playing a game during the day can help you connect with your older child.


Whether this is your first baby, your fifth, or you have multiples, a postpartum doula can offer you amazing support.


Maybe you are recovering from a cesarean or have multiples.  Maybe you primarily need assistance during the day or would prefer someone there at night.  Guess what?  A postpartum doula can do that.


If you'd like someone at the hospital in the first 48 hours to help or a week later when your birth partner returns to work, or you need help for one day, one week or one month, a postpartum doula can help you out.


As with a birth doula, we offer nonjudgemental support and evidence-based information to you.  Contact us for more information.  Package options and gift certificates are available.

Postpartum Doula Service rates are $25/hour for daytime and $30/hour for overnight care.  Minimum of 4 hour shifts for days and 8 for overnights.  Includes one prenatal visit to discuss your anticipated needs and hours.  

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