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Postpartum Support Groups, Part 1

Here in the Pittsburgh there are many social and support groups for new moms.

For support group type meetings there are:

ICAN of Southwestern Pa for those who have had cesarean births and are looking for a safe place to talk with other moms about the emotions related to cesarean and the physical recovery as well. ICAN is also great during future pregnancies whether you plan to VBAC or have a repeat elective cesarean. Meetings are held monthly in alternating locations.

Laleche League: For breastfeeding support and assistance. Meetings can be attended prenatally also in preparation for breastfeeding. There are many Pittsburgh area meetings.

Out of the Blue is a support group for those suffering from postpartum depression. It is held at Shining Light Prenatal.

Amy Lewis works with those who have experienced birth trauma or are experiencing postpartum depression in addition to running Out of the Blue

My next post will be on social groups for new moms. Enjoy!

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