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The birth of Layton Francis

I worked with fear clearing to allow myself to be ok with an induction if it was necessary and it really helped. When I wasn’t doing that, I was bouncing on my ball, taking walks, eating pineapple, etc. etc. etc.

I’m happy to say that our baby has arrived safe and sound, and we had a beautiful birthing experience.

I was due on January 25th and went late. I was scheduled to be induced on Feb. 3. On Saturday, 2/1, I went for a walk in the morning at a nearby convent. They have a nature trail with the Stations of the Cross. I walked and prayed and sort of just talked to my baby and told him that I was ready for him to come. He and God both must have been listening because around 10:30PM that night, I had my bloody show and started having pressure waves about 15 minutes apart. I let Patrick know that things were starting, but told him to sleep, because I would need him awake and strong for me on Sunday. I timed the pressure waves throughout the night, practiced my hypnosis, and snacked on jello and miso soup.

The next morning, Patrick and I hung out; continued with practicing the hypnosis. Things were down to about 7 minutes apart, so we took a walk up the street, stopping when pressure waves came…I was probably scaring my neighbors! We got back to the house, and I said I wanted to watch a movie to distract myself. So we watched Escape from LA…which is a ridiculous movie to watch while you are in your birthing time! Once we were at about 5 minutes apart, I called my doctor; she told me to wait as long as I could if I planned on doing this naturally. I took a shower, Patrick read some scripts to me. I tried listening to the relaxation music, but for some reason it was getting on my nerves. Patrick came up to the bedroom and I was on my ball, listening to Zepelin and Pink Floyd…for some reason classic rock was working better to relax me. The pressure waves were about 3 minutes apart around 6:30PM and Patrick said that he didn’t want to wait any longer. So we called the doctor and headed to the hospital; I listened to the Birth Guide on the way there and Patrick said I was very quiet the whole way.

We got to the hospital around 7PM and I was 7cm dilated. The nurses were surprised at how far along I was and how calm I was. They read through my Birth preferences, turned down the lights and whispered. They used all of the Hypnobabies lingo and were absolutely awesome. When the doctor arrived, she came in rather loudly (she is a military lady) and the nurses rushed her out to tell her that she needed to be quiet. The doctor, after that, was really great and completely respectful of my wishes. I ended up asking for my mom to come in; she didn’t really say much. She just sat quietly…I needed her presence for some reason; I think it helped Patrick to have someone there too. Around 8PM, the doctor asked if she could break my water, because it was bulging and she said it would help move things along for me…I gave her permission and around 8:30PM, things started getting more uncomfortable. I was about 9.5cm dilated. I told the nurse that I had to push NOW! She asked me to hold off (didn’t want my cervix to tear), and she called the doc in. The doctor checked me and said I was at 10, and that I could start pushing…which was a huge relief. I wouldn’t say that things were “pain-free,” but they were definitely manageable. The nurses helped me change positions and relax. They allowed me to push when I wanted to and just gave me instruction when they thought certain positions/techniques would help me. I pushed for about 1.5 hours and he was out at 9:52PM. Layton Francis was 8 lbs 7 oz., 22.25 inches long. His head was 14.5 inches around (which is about an inch larger than most newborns), and he was in posterior position. After the birthing, the nurse told me I did amazingly well for him being so large and being face up. After 23 hours of pressure waves/pushing without meds, I felt like superwoman!

They put him on my chest immediately, and if I could bottle up that emotion and sell it…I would be a rich lady. I think that must be what people on Ecstacy feel like. It was the most amazing, joyful moment of my entire life. We did skin to skin for about 2 hours and he was so alert. We tried to establish breastfeeding right away; he latched for a split second, but we couldn’t get him to feed. Afterward, the nurses cleaned him up and sent us to recovery. The doctors and nurses told me that this was one of the best births they ever did. Several nurses asked me for more information about hypnosis for childbirth and one nurse in particular was telling everyone who came along about what an amazing birth it was. I felt very proud of myself and my baby. I have already recommended the course to several pregnant friends.

Breastfeeding has been going great. It was hard at first, but once my milk came in, he was eating like a champ. At his one week appt., he gained all of his weight back, plus 3 oz.! So proud of him.

Love, Rebekah

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