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Featuring Becca Smith

Becca is our second featured doula:

Becca is such a fun person!

Name: Becca Smith Location: Monroeville. (Serving: Monroeville, Murrysville, North Huntingdon, Trafford, Irwin, North Versailles, West Mifflin, Edgewood/Swissvale, Verona, Oakmont, Churchill, Munhall, Shady Side & Squirrel Hill)

How many children and ages:

1 daughter age 4 and 4 angels in heaven

Why you became a doula:

I became a doula because I loved the doula I had and just felt called to be with women during their birthing time.

Your favorite type of client (vbac, first time moms, etc):

I love moms with cool back stories. I am very non-judgmental and love meeting all kinds of mothers. If a mom is worried that she might not click with a doula because she doesn’t fit in some earth mother “perfect” mold… I’m the woman to call. I like meeting people where they are and helping them have a great birth that matches who they are…not who they think I want them to be. Single mom? High School Sweethearts having your first? Want to incorporate elements of your culture? Love to sing when you are in labor? Have reasons you can’t or choose not to breastfeed? Want a natural birth in a hospital? Not sure who the dad is? Conceived via sperm donation with a partner? Very Catholic? Just want a doula to protect you from the mother-in –law? If you said yes to any of these…I’m your doula.

Special trainings you’ve taken or will be taking:

I’ve taken Dona Doula training, Rebozo training, Lamaze and Breastfeeding training. I’ve also taught basic Pregnancy, Labor, Delivery and Childcare classes for teen mothers.

What did you do before (or still do) before becoming a doula:

I am a VP Technology Manager of a bank with a degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master Certificate in project management. If I could pay my bills being a single mom and doula…I’d never work in an office again!!!!!! Doula work is my passion.

When did you take your training:

Did my training in 2010 and have attended approximately 35 births with 5 more coming up before January.

Something important that you’ve learned since becoming a mom:

Since becoming a mom I learned that kids with dirty faces don’t have bad parents. You can feed your kid Organic everything and you will still accidentally forget to buckle them in their car seat or watch helplessly from across the room as they lurch off the changing table. You are still not a bad mom.

Something important you’ve learned about birth since becoming a doula:

I’ve learned that there is no right or wrong type of birth. All that really matters is that the mother was respected, heard, informed to her level of curiosity, and was cared for in a loving, gentle, caring way. Even moms that mourn births that went completely opposite of what they planned turn out okay if the mom is truly respected and listened to

What do your friends and family think of you being a doula:

My friends and family think it’s awesome. They are so supportive by watching my daughter for me.

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