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The Birth of Baby E

We finally had our baby boy at 42 weeks and 3 days! We had the most beautiful home birth and wanted to not only share our story with you, but thank you for giving us the opportunity and the tools to have the most perfect birth that we could have ever wanted.

We had Baby E on October 6th at 12:53am, he was 7lbs 5oz and 20 in long. Our birthing time began around 2pm on October 5th, we spent the afternoon relaxing and started watching movies not knowing yet if it was really going to be our baby's birthday. Around 8pm we realized this may be different when I started needing support from E during waves, sitting was no longer comfortable and I couldn't focus on the movie anymore. We decided it was time to turn on our Hypnobabies tracks and start focusing more on our baby; I text our midwife to let her know that this may be the day. I honestly don't remember which tracks we listened to, but it was perfect and got us to 10:30pmwhen I asked E to call our midwife to let her know that we thought it was getting close (she lives about an hour from us) and I asked E to fill up the pool because I wanted to get in the water. At this time, I didn't know why I wanted to get in the water, it just felt like it was time and I thought it would relieve some of the pressure I was feeling. As soon as I got in the water, I realized with my next set of waves that I was pushing without even knowing and I was so happy because I wondered how I would know what the "urge to push" would feel like or if I would know how to push properly. Through every wave and push I would visualize our baby working together with me to come into the world. Our midwife arrived shortly after I started pushing and was surprised and pleased to see that we were well on our way to having our baby! She checked his heart rate after my next wave while I rested. I was able to sleep between every set of birthing waves and feel so rested for the next set. E and our midwife spoke encouragingly to me and gave perfect support while we listened to the Enlightenment track and E gave me sips of water when needed. After about an hour of pushing in the water, I started to feel our son's head and knew we were getting close and smiled, but also knew it wasn't quite time yet. I shared with E and our midwife that I could feel his head. After a few more sets of waves, our baby's head came out and I rested while waiting for the next set of waves. A couple of minutes passed with the baby's head underwater before I pushed the rest of his body out. Our midwife reached down and gently brought him to the surface of the water to take his first breaths. In the video link, you will see our first moments with our baby. You'll also see our dog,

who was involved the whole time, staying by my side and giving me space when needed. He now loves the baby and is a perfect big brother. I truly believe being present for his peaceful birth has made the transition so easy for him!

Everything went perfectly and we had the exact birth we wanted in the comfort of our home. It was so peaceful and we now have the sweetest baby boy. His life so far has been full of happiness, peace, calm, understanding, and patience.

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity! We felt informed and empowered by Hypnobabies.

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