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Why L Hired a Doula for Her Birth

After much consideration and sending many articles and websites to my husband to convince him, we decided that hiring a doula would be a good choice for us. I was 35 when I got pregnant and really wanted an unmedicated, natural childbirth. My husband was anxious about this and was fearful about seeing me in pain.

After talking with and deciding that Ashley was a good fit for us, she was able to meet with us and put so many of our fears at ease. She helped me write a very clear and concise birth plan and answered every question my husband and I had. She attended a doctors appointment with me and when I felt unsupported by doctors, provided that support and reassurance that I needed.

When I went into labor, Ashley was available by phone as I labored in my home and then met us at the hospital when the time came. She helped me manage the pain with things as simple as relaxing my shoulders and supported me as I labored and transitioned- when I wasn't sure I could handle the pain any longer. Most importantly, she kept my husband calm by engaging him in conversation and reassuring him throughout. When it was time to push, Ashley helped me push effectively when the doctor chose not to help and was there the whole time holding my hand.

She shared our joy as our baby girl was brought into the world and took our first pictures for us. I was so appreciative of the support she provided after the birth by helping encourage and facilitate breastfeeding. Ashley checked in often in the weeks following and came to visit to provide more support and just listen to the difficulties of being a new mother. I felt that having a doula was such a good choice and was the reason I had the natural childbirth I wanted. I cannot thank Ashley enough!

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