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Gift Ideas for Doulas

Are you a doula client who would love to buy your birth doula an awesome thank you gift? Or maybe you’re the partner; child, mom or friend of a doula who you think rocks the birth world. There are so many great gift ideas out there but you’re unsure of where to start. Here are some unique and not so unique ideas that your doula will enjoy!

I’m starting with this one because it’s something I wish I’d had from day one and would love to have one moving forward! After 200+ births I wish I had kept a log of all of this information. If you know a newer doula this would make an awesome gift for them to have early in their career.

There are many jewelry options out there for doulas/midwives:

Here’s a cool oxytocin molecule necklace:

Here are a few other jewelry pieces. There are so many out there to choose from:

Mugs are a popular gift! Even if your doula isn’t a coffee or tea drinker mugs are so functional for other uses. If your doula is a coffee or tea drinker getting the design on a travel mug is an even better idea! Those 2:00 am phone calls usually have her dashing from the house! Insulated (preferably spill-proof) water bottles too!

Here are a few examples from Etsy but there are so many designs to choose from:

Water bottle:

Doula clothing options! Hopefully you’re good at guessing the size your doula needs.

This is my all time favorite! I actually had a client gift me a shirt with this on it this year and it’s my favorite thing to wear to births! I also often get asked if I’m the mom of the client so I think this helps clarify my role J

Again there are so many designs out there but these were some of my favorites!

If your doula celebrates Christmas here are some tree ornament options:

Other great gift ideas:

Amazon Gift Cards

Starbucks Gift Cards

Massage Gift Certificates


A Gift Set of Teas/Coffees or Wine (if you know she consumes alcohol while not on call).

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