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Meet our Doulas Q&A: Amy Farr

Do you have any special skills or other services you provide other than being a birth doula?

I also teach Hypnobabies Childbirth Education Classes. I've also attended trainings on Spinning Babies techniques, working with survivors of abuse and one based on working with clients who have epidurals.

Where did you grow up? Where have you lived?

I grew up in this area in the small town of Cabot, Pa. I've always lived in Western Pa. I currently reside in another small town about 40 minutes north of Pittsburgh called Worthington.

You’re going out to a birth. What are your jams to get you in the mood driving out?

It depends on the time of the day. Preferably something upbeat. Anything from country to pop. I find that when it's the middle of the night I have to play my own music because every station is playing ballads.

What are your favorite places in Pittsburgh? Top 3:

  1. PNC Park. I wish we had a team that matched the awesomeness that is our baseball park.

  2. Point State Park enjoying the fountain.

  3. Going to a show at the Benedum because it's gorgeous building and I love seeing the symphony or a show!

What is the most memorable moment at a birth?

I've been to a lot of births over the last almost 12 years but my most memorable moments are a tie. One would be the one where baby came so fast that I ended up catching him which is not something doulas do or are supposed to do. But nobody was there and the position of the client made it possible that the baby was going to end up on the floor so I reflexively reached out and caught him.

The second one would be the first clients who asked me to cut the baby's umbilical cord for them.

What are your favorite things when you’re not being a doula?

I'm currently training to run the Pittsburgh Marathon in May so if I'm not with clients or students I'm very possibly running. I do also enjoy reading, binging on tv shows and going to trampoline parks with my children.

What are you exceptionally awesome at as a doula? What makes you unique?

I think the best thing I do is that I'm an empath. I feel like I'm really great at putting myself in someone else's place. Sometimes that makes my job harder too but I think it makes me good at it.

Tell me three places on your bucket-list you’d love to travel and vacation at:

With the winter we're having I'm going to say anywhere warm. LOL! Seriously though I guess my top 3 would be.

1. Hawaii because warm and beaches.

2. Disney World because I've never been and it just seems like so much fun. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan so would love to see that part of the park more than anything else.

3.I've been to New York City a few times but just for day trips. I'd love to spend a week there and see more of the sights!

What is something fascinating about you that people may be surprised to learn?

Until the last 3 years I never, ever would have been mistaken as an athlete. Now I do triathlons and run almost every day. My goal is to someday do a Half Ironman Triathlon. I've actually turned into an athlete which is amazing to me.

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

Spring or Fall because I hate the extreme temps in either way. Although we've had a pool membership the last few summers and I love spending the summer days with my children in the pool.

It’s 8PM on a Thursday. What are you probably doing (In an ideal world)?

In my ideal world Friends would have never ended and at . 8 PM on Thursdays I'd be sitting on my couch watching the antics of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey.

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