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Meet Our Doulas Q&A: Ashley Fleming

Do you have any special skills or other services you provide other than being a birth doula?

Currently training to become a La Leche League Leader.

Where did you grow up? Where have you lived?

Was born in Philadelphia Pa. moved at age 4 to Armstrong County, Western Pa. where I grew up on a 102 acre farm. I still live in Armstrong County. My husband and I own a 75 acre farm.

You’re going out to a birth. What are your jams to get you in the mood driving out?

I listen to a variety of styles and genres. My music choice typically depends on the relationship I’ve built with the client and the style of music they might use during their birth.

What are your favorite places in Pittsburgh? Top 3:

I really favor the PPG Arena, I’ve been to numerous events there and have enjoyed them all. Station Square, there are a lot of great eats and the river is beautiful. Pittsburgh Zoo, a great place to spend the day with family and friends.

What is the most memorable moment at a birth?

When I was 5 months pregnant with my second daughter I was a new Doula and at a birth for 3 days. The mom wanted a natural, vaginal birth, and no interventions. Her birth began with her first intervention being an induction due to pre-eclampsia. I joined her when she asked due to consistent, regular contractions and building in intensity. After 47 hrs of Labor she choose her second intervention, an epidural. At this point Mom was tired and needed to rest. After 69 1/2 hrs of labor this amazing, rock star Mom birthed her baby vaginally!!! During pushing she still had enough control to change positions several times and her care team was fully supportive the entire time!

What are your favorite things when you’re not being a doula?

Spending time with my family, I love being a mom! Any and all things Horses, horses, horses they were my first love before my husband and children! Lastly hunting, I enjoy the outdoors and spending time in the woods awaiting my next harvest for our freezer.

What are you exceptionally awesome at as a doula? What makes you unique?

I feel my specialty is keeping the atmosphere positive, confident, and uplifting. Birth can be long and exhausting and having a positive and uplifting persona, energy can really help the Mom, partner, and fellow support staff.!

Tell me three places on your bucket-list you’d love to travel and vacation at:

Nashville, Tennessee to experience the country music capital! Oklahoma City for the National Rodeo Finals! Beaver Falls, Arizona it looks like it has the most breathtaking waterfalls and countryside!

What is something fascinating about you that people may be surprised to learn?

I have a huge passion to teach kids and help them to excel and be the best possible they can become. I have been a equine riding instructor for typical and non typical students for over 10 yrs and I love seeing them learn and gain knowledge and strength to use throughout their lives. I also work in a Autistic Support classroom where I help teach students a variety of skills.

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

Summer, I love the heat, sunshine, and all the outdoor fun my family, friends, and I enjoy during the summer!


It’s 8PM on a Thursday. What are you probably doing (In an ideal world)?

The day doesn’t matter because it’s my “ideal world” so...

It would depend on the season for me! If it’s late Spring/Summer I’m enjoying and evening ride on our horses with my kids ponying along behind, or we are getting ice cream from our favorite ice cream place! When the weathers a little cooler and the evenings are short I’m fixing a snack for my family to sit down and enjoy while we watch Heartland, our favorite show.

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