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Meet Our Doulas Q&A: Tracy Peters

Do you have any special skills or other services you provide other than being a birth doula?

Not at this time, but I have an interest in maybe becoming a lactation consultant some day.

Where did you grow up? Where have you lived?

I grew up in the small town of Kittanning, PA where I still reside with my husband of five years, and our two wonderful children Marshall (2 years), and Benjamin (3 months). I've only ever moved once and it was just from my parents house to the next house over!

You’re going out to a birth. What are your jams to get you in the mood driving out?

I think it depends on the time of day. If it's in the middle of the night and I need something to wake me up a little more and get me pumped up, some peppy music (Bruno Mars maybe?). If it's during the day, I'd probably go with James Taylor because his music is very relaxing to me. I listened to it in the car on the way to my own birth when I was in labor!

What are your favorite places in Pittsburgh? Top 3:

Since I don't live in the city, I kind of see myself as a tourist, so some of my favorite spots are a little "touristy". Anyway, my husband and I like to go down to the strip because there's lots of great food. We also love Phipps Conservatory and the Children's Museum.

What is the most memorable moment at a birth?

I am a fairly new doula so I don't have a ton to pick from, but until I get some crazy story to tell, (like a woman that gives birth in some unexpected place) I'd have to say that over and over, I will choose my best memory to be the expressions of pure joy and love that are seen and felt the moment the baby is born. Especially with my very first doula client. It was the first live birth I'd ever seen, and despite her challenging labor, it was just such as happy moment.

What are your favorite things when you’re not being a doula?

Spending time with my family! We really enjoy going out to eat and taking our son Marshall to the local YMCA to swim.

What are you exceptionally awesome at as a doula? What makes you unique?

I think I'm unique in that I'm so new, I don't even know what I'm exceptionally good at! But seriously, because I'm new, my training is still fresh in my memory, and I'm very eager to learn new things at each birth and be the best doula I can be!

Tell me three places on your bucket-list you’d love to travel and vacation at:

Being that I'm Italian, I've always wanted to go to Italy to explore and experience the great food. I've never been to Disney, and I'd love to be able to take the kids in a few years when they get a little bigger. I think my last place would be Greece just because I think it's beautiful.

What is something fascinating about you that people may be surprised to learn?

That I have tourettes syndrome. It is an extremely misunderstood syndrome, largely because it's often portrayed as a person uncontrollably yelling random words at inappropriate times and places. Yes, it often times comes with verbal tics, but not always. I just have some physical tics (repetitive actions or motions) that don't affect my function at all. People very rarely even notice them unless I point them out!

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

Fall for sure. It is absolutely beautiful in Western PA, and it's the perfect temperature for me. I love that I can be comfy in a hoodie and a pair of shorts.

It’s 8PM on a Thursday. What are you probably doing (In an ideal world)?

Frantically trying to get my children (and husband) to wind down for bed time while attempting to avoid stepping on all of the toys scattered across the floor...oh wait, you said IDEAL world, not real world. Ahh, just tucking my children into bed and then going to have some time with my husband cuddled up on the couch Netflix-ing with a snack.

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