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Blessed Arrivals was founded in 2006 by a sister team of doulas - Brenda Cirrincione and Amy Farr.  As the years have passed, our team has grown to include professional doulas from all over the western region of Pennsylvania. Our relatively small size allows us to give truly personalized care, but the team aspect of Blessed Arrivals allow us to guarantee consistent back-up services to our clients.  


Amy Farr, co-founder and current Coordinator of Blessed Arrivals, is an active doula who has been attending births for the since 1006 years and has attended over 200 births.  She attends births regularly and understands what both doulas and their clients need the most.  She strives to always improve the service offerings.  She facilitates communication between potential clients and our available doulas, while maintaining a full schedule of births and Hypnobabies classes in surrounding communities.

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